Wednesday, April 26, 2017

ASHA 2016

Our lab did a great job representing our work, our department, and our university at ASHA 2016!

Here were our presentations:
Poster: Speech Fluency in Discourse Produced by People With Mild Aphasia: Correlations With Impairment & Confidence
Harmon, Jacks, Richardson, Haley 
(UNC-UNM collaboration)
Poster: Low Mood & Depression in People With Aphasia: A Comparison of Scales
Jacks, Richardson, Haley 
(UNC-UNM collaboration)
Poster: It's Raining Cats: Further Development of Discourse Checklists for Picture Description Tasks 
Tanaka, Branch, Dalton, Richardson
Poster: Gist & Coherence During Picture Description in Persons With Mild Aphasia 
Stewart, Quevedo-Levesque, Dalton, Richardson